OAR will archive all of your contacts and store them all within one document - Contacts.rtf. If your Outlook data file contains nested folders, each nested folder will contain its own Contacts.rtf file.

Most Outlook fields are exported to the Contacts.rtf file and you can easily move them to a spreadsheet since the output is already formatted for you to do this!

To move your Contacts from the Contacts.rtf file to Microsoft Excel 2002 (or higher):

  1. Open Contacts.rtf and highlight all of the text within the document by pressing CTRL+A.

  2. Copy the text you highlighted by pressing CTRL+C.

  3. Open Excel and click on cell A1.

  4. Press CTRL+V to paste the (copied) text into your Excel document.

  5. Close Contacts.rtf and save your new Excel document if you want to keep your work.

Format your new Excel document to your liking!