Getting Started with Outlook Archive Renegade


  1. Double-click Setup.exe to begin the installation process.

  2. Install the program to any directory on your system.


Archive your folders by following these steps:

1. Click the Get Folder List button.

2. Click the Create button.

3. Click OK after all files have been created.


Upgrades will also be installed in this manner but will overwrite current installations. This means that you will not need to perform an uninstall of our product before upgrading to a newer version.

System Requirements mirror those necessary to run Microsoft (MS) Outlook 2000 or later.



This program will copy email items and attachments from selected folders and store them outside of your (MS Outlook) .pst file on your local hard drive.

All of your MS Outlook email items are stored in a database known as the 'personal folder file' system, or the .pst file. The OAR accesses this file and after you've selected the folders to be archived, copies all email items and attachments to a folder location on your hard drive.

OAR processes Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes items. Since the Journal is an accumulator of all of these, Journal items are not processed and will not display in the PST Folder List.